Monday, 13 August 2012


I've just had a letter from my consultant telling me that at this time there is no need to worry. There is a nodule on my lung that they've noted and he's decided to put me back on 3 monthly check ups for the time being.

One incredibly huge sigh of relief!

However, the chest pain continues unabated and has in fact got ahead of my pain relief, not a happy situation to find myself in. Also no help or advice was offered regarding dealing with pain so I am left with the need to go back to my GP and pursue other routes of investigation. Things were so bad on Thursday that I was throwing up as a result of the pain. I have an interim cocktail of drugs that will see me through this week's trip away to visit my mother and then after that I have an appointment with my GP to discuss where we go from here.

My Breast Care Nurse is of the opinion that it is the combination of broken ribs that were irradiated before they had any chance to heal and general damage from surgery and radiotherapy. A lot of people end up with permanent damage (I already have bad radiation damage to my lung) from rads which doesn't really improve. I could be stuck with this indefinitely!

So, a yay for no more cancer but a boo for needing more regular monitoring and no solution to the dreadful pain. I am obviously very happy about the first but something needs to be done about the last.

Watch this space. . . 


  1. I admire all the people with breast cancer who bravely struggle with this hateful disease everyday.

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