Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Distraction therapy

I have decided that I need some small projects to work on to stop me from worrying about the possible skin mets and what that might mean. As a result I made the decision to do two things; sign up for a course in jewellery making and join Blipfoto.

I have made various types of jewellery on and off over the years, particularly when I needed specific things for a dance theatre piece because I could tailor it to exactly what I needed and mostly it cost less too. I've done a lot of bead embroidery out of necessity either again for something that would have been hard to buy or to repair costumes I already own. I've never had any formal training in any of this though, so I thought a foundation course in jewellery making was a good place to start. I mainly worked with wire and that's what I want to focus on. The course starts in a couple of weeks at the local college.

Blipfoto is something altogether different.

This is a daily photo journal with a difference - you can only post one image per day. I've made a commitment (mainly to myself) to a 365 day-in-the-life-of project to record my recovery from last year. Some of it will be intensely personal and reflective but it will also feature an appreciation of the little things in life. It's an opportunity to share those moments that we usually take for granted, whether it be the first flowers of Spring, a pretty view or a piece cake bought as a treat. Although I'll have to be careful that there isn't too much cake buying! :)

You can follow my photographic adventures here - OndineBlue at Blipfoto

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