Thursday, 23 December 2010

All Change!

Yes, it's definitely another day where I can truthfully say "everything changes from this day onwards." That's because this afternoon I will be having my first chemotherapy treatment and I am partly dreading it and partly happy that another part of my treatment plan has been started. It is daunting knowing that in just a few weeks I will be bald and feeling crap but I keep telling myself that it's another small step forward. I am trying hard to prepare myself mentally for all the side effects but I guess I don't how well I'll succeed at that until I get through the next few days.

I am still extremely sore from having the Hickman Line put in on Tuesday and not liking having two long tubes hanging out of my chest for 6-8 months. But hey, it's better than damaged veins! I saw my own GP for the first time since diagnosis yesterday and he was wonderfully compassionate, once again making me realise just how lucky I've been regarding the whole of my medical treatment - it could have been so much worse! He's arranged for me to have the weekly Hickman dressing changes/line flushing to do be done either at the surgery or by a district nurse, which is brilliant as it's so much less hassle than slogging over to the hospital every week - I spend enough time there as it is!

For now we are planning on putting Christmas on hold for a few days and holding our breaths to see how I get on regarding side effects. The bad weather has meant that we are much more stocked up food wise than normal, so if necessary we can just hibernate for a few days until I start to feel a bit better. 

I'm not looking forward to this afternoon but bring it on because it's one step closer to the end of treatment!


  1. You got the hardest part started. You successfully got through your first happy hour!

  2. Thank you - it was hard but I made it! :-)